Many of us have always had some videos on Instagram that we love watching and sharing with people. The only problem is that we need internet access every single time to watch those videos. Sometimes it may not be possible to do so. But fortunately, you can now save yourself by downloading Instagram videos directly to your device. This would save a lot of amount of time as well as data as you can download any video you like.

Here’s a quick guide on how to download videos from the Instagram page without any hassle:

1) Go to the video on Instagram.

2) There are 3 vertical dots at the top right corner of the videos. These dots suggest the options menu for the video.

3) Click on these dots i.e video options.

4) Now scroll down that list to the phrase “Copy share URL” and select this option.

5) We’ve now copied the link to this video i.e URL.

6) Open your browser and navigate to the website

7) Now paste the URL in the white box. (To paste the URL, long click on the white box. Your phone will display options such as paste, select all, etc. Select ‘paste’)

8) Click on the arrow next to the white box

9) It may take 2-3 seconds and the option for downloading file will be displayed. 10) Click download.

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