Many of you have websites and they don’t usually rank in Google. Its a pretty long process to rank your site in Google. So, here in this topic, I will explain how to improve your ranking using classified ads.

What are Classified ads?

Classified ads are a best and cheap way for website owners/bloggers to get connected to their potential customers. It is a great way to let your customers know about your business, especially if you can’t budget for other forms of advertising.

How classified ads are helpful for SEO?

Many of the marketers and SEO enthusiast use classified ads for optimizing their website traffic.

There are mainly 3 parts of classified ads:-

i)Headline – The headline that you are using for a classified ad should be an effective headline. An attractive headline makes expert use of keywords that generate interest and bring in the much-desired readers and buyers.

ii)Details – Provide the details of your services as honestly, you can.

iii)Contact – You must place a contact button that allows your user to buy your product or service.

Classified ads help you in generating leads and increasing the Click Through Rate. It is also a method of generating backlinks for your website or blog. Many websites allow you to post the content with backlinks and such classified ads can immediately generate backlinks within hours of being posted.

This is why using free classified ads to promote and market your online business is one of the most popular and effective SEO strategies

Benefits of classified SEO ads

i)They are easy to use- Classified ads are both mobile friendly as well as search friendly. Users find it easier to navigate and provides them what they want. They are so concise and yet give your audience what they expect. This makes classified ads usage effortless.

ii)They are the best option to create a global market for you- Classified ads can create a global market for your business and there’s usually a HUGE potential online to increase your product sales.

iii)Most of the classified ads are free- There are lot many websites like OLX, quikr that allows you to post classified ads for free. These websites can help you easily post free classified SEO ads to boost your products visibility.

iv)SEO for classified websites can increase your traffic- If you have a product based selling website, you can immensely increase your traffic by posting your blog’s or website address in the form of classified SEO ads. Or you can simply put a link back to your sites, so if someone gets curious about your products or services while browsing online classified ads can land on your sites.

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