How to rank your website in top on Google? Advanced SEO

Hello, guys, most of you are having websites and want to rank your website on top of Google to drive traffic to your website. If there is no traffic or less traffic on your website then what is the use of having such website. So, in this article, I will tell you how to rank your website on top of Google.

How to drive traffic from Google to your website?

Before doing the SEO of any website, try to identify the keyword. Keywords are the words/phrases that you search on Google and a list of results come up. You have to rank your website on that particular keyword.

How to search keywords?

So, the best way to extract a keyword is Google. Whenever you write any query in Google, it autocompletes and shows the results.

How to rank your website in top on Google? 1


You can see in this pic that when I wrote ‘Bulk SMS’, it suggested me a list of keywords. These suggestions will be shown to everyone who will search for that particular ‘Bulk SMS’. Automatically people will click on any of these suggestions and this means that these keywords will have more traffic.

How to rank your website in top on Google? 2

And whenever you search on a keyword, you can also find many keywords in the footer also. See the above pic. So first you have to pick up the main keyword for your website. And you have to also find other suggestions of keywords so as to rank your website. Particularly you will not target for only one keyword. Here you will get many things on autocomplete. Whenever you click on any particular keyword, automatically keywords at the bottom of the page will also change. These suggestions will be shown to everyone, so you can use them as keywords.

Another method to extract keyword is using Go to this website and write the keyword. Here you have to write the keyword and this website will give you the list of all the keyword suggestions that were suggested by Google. If you write any keyword on this website, it will give you a lot of keywords. You can copy the keywords and then you can try to rank your blog article using those keywords. You can also download those keywords. 

Now we have got too many keywords, but how would we know that which keyword will generate more traffic and which keyword is searched the most number of times. Suppose we have two keywords, ‘Bulk SMS’ and ‘Bulk SMS India’. If the number of search of ‘Bulk SMS’ is 100 and the number of search of ‘Bulk SMS India’ is 1000 then we will surely go for ‘Bulk SMS India’.

How to find which keyword is searched the most number of times in Google?

There is another website that will tell you which keyword is searched the most number of times in Google. They provide you with an extension which will tell you how many times that particular keyword is searched. The data is not too much accurate but approximately 60% to 70% is accurate. So after installing this extension, go to Google and search for the particular keyword. I searched for ‘Bulk SMS’ and I got this result.

How to rank your website in top on Google? 3

In the picture above you can see that this particular keyword is being searched 60500 times per month.

How to rank your website in top on Google? 4

It also shows many other keywords and its volume, CPC, etc.  So using these methods you can pick up keywords, you can also check how many times they are being searched.

Now the main thing to focus is content of your website

The content that is on your homepage, the content that you are writing on your website is also a major factor of SEO. Suppose you are searching for then you are doing it wrong. The URL is not userfriendly but suppose if you want to find out how to download Instagram videos then your URL should be like . Then your title should be also related to this. The keyword that we have searched for should be in the URL of the content. These things are known as On-page SEO .

Things you need to do in On-Page SEO

The first thing to do in On-page SEO is to check what is the title of your website, description, and keywords of the website. These things you will get in the coding of your website. There are HTML tags.

How to rank your website in top on Google? 5

Suppose you view the page source of this website. You will find the title. You have to be very careful with the title. You have to write a description of your website. There are meta tags that should be given in all pages of all websites. There are three types of tags


2)Description:- Google can read what you write in the description tag of your website. This description will be shown at the bottom of Google inside any link.

3)Keywords:- These are for Google. Google can also read these keywords because their bots can see what is there on the website.

If you have done anything wrong in your HTML and want to check it then go to and put the URL of your website. This site will automatically examine your website and will tell which tags are missing and what wrong thing you have done in your coding. These mistakes can be read by Google and the website in which there are more mistakes will be ranked at the bottom.

So these were the things you can do in the On-Page SEO

Now we have to work on our website

What are the things we have to do on our website?

The first thing is if your website is in http:// then please convert it into https://

Now you have to check your website speed. You have to reduce the load time of your website. To check the load time of your website go to Pingdom . Enter your URL and they will analyze your website and will provide you the load time and other details of your website.

Next thing is to check the ERROR pages of your website. Many of your website pages might have been deleted and so you have to check those error pages and will have to remove them.

One another factor related to ranking of any website is Bounce Back Rate . It means that if a user is searching any keyword on Google and if your website shows up in the result and the user visits your website and without waiting for 5-10 seconds he/she goes back , then Google thinks that these many people are coming to this website and are not viewing this website, it means there is Bounce Back. Google thinks that this website contains useless things/articles that people dont want to read or see then automatically the ranking of your website will go down. So you have keep the Bounce Rate in your mind so that if any visitor visits your website then they should see such things on top of your website that the user thinks that the website is good. If you have posted anything useless such as too many ads , then no one will scroll the website, they will move back or close the window. And if you are showing too many popups on loading the website then it irritates the user then they will move back, it will increase the Bounce rate of your website and it will decrease the ranking of your website.

One more point is CTR(Click Through Rate)

It means that if thousands of people are seeing your website, then how many of them are clicking on your website. It depends on your title, description, and URL. You have to put catchy things on your title so that the user clicks on your website. So, Google thinks that it is showing 10 websites and people are going to the website which is on 8th position and despite of this particular keyword, people are going to this 8th website by searching.


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