Pobyt – Pay per minute stay in hotels

Delayed flights? Rains causing a havoc on traffic? Partying after office? 
No worries. They got your back! With Pobyt, now you can address every sudden/ short term hotel needs.

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It is a hotel booking application which lets you hang-out in a hotel room as per your requirement. It is the only app that lets you book hotel room per minute. Select your check-in time and only pay for the time you use the room.

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Your room is ready for you the moment you book. Receive 60 minutes of complimentary travel time to arrive at the hotel.Their main principle is to offer you a fair price when booking a hotel room. Currently, they are not promising “Minimum Prices Guaranteed” but trust them they will do that soon!

So, who would use Pobyt?

-People interested in swapping expensive overnight stays for power-packed day trips.
-People who want quiet spots with Wi-Fi to crank out work before deadlines.
-Working class people to take a quick shower and change while shifting from daytime to       evening meetings or events.
-Business people who are tired of coffee-shop meetings and need a comfortable workspace.
-Travelers stuck with a long layover.
-Individuals on the go in need of a quick siesta, shower or place to unwind.
-Long-distance commuters and families looking for a homely time.

How to use Pobyt?

Find a nearby hotel > Book on the go > Head to the hotel Do your thing > Checkout