Things to know about Facebook Watch Party

Facebook launched its video-on demand in the United States last year. The service was known as Facebook Watch. It became available to all the users of Facebook this year in August.

Facebook has now introduced a new feature for Facebook Watch. Also known as Facebook Watch Party, it provides a fun co-viewing experience to its users.

What is Facebook Watch Party?

Do you remember how we used to call people to our home to watch a movie together? Still some of us do that thing. But what if your friends or colleagues are out of city?

That’s where Facebook Watch Party comes into play. It provides a shared viewing experience where the participants can watch and comment on Facebook videos in real time. All this interaction and co-watching of the video happens on a single screen of Facebook.


How does it work? 

Similar to our real-life party, here the host invites people to watch videos together. The host is the one that creates a party. Once you create a watch party, you will be able to view other members and can have a discussion with them. The members can react and can add comments on the video


Once upon a time, this feature was only available to Facebook Groups, but now this is available to pages as well as profiles.

How to create Facebook Watch Party?

To start a Facebook Watch Party on mobile devices, tap on the Create post area. Then select Watch Party from the list of options.

On your desktop or laptop,

go to the Create post area. Then click on the three-dot icon and select Watch Party. The steps are the same for profiles, Pages, and Groups.


Add or Edit Party title

The title of the Party is important. It will help others to know what they will be watching without joining the party. The title isn’t permanent as you can edit it anytime even once the Party is live.

Supported Videos

You can add any public Facebook video to your party. The video can be a live video or a video as old as two years. The only requirement is that it should be public on Facebook. In the case of Groups and Pages, you can add your old uploaded videos as well.


Video Source

You can only add Facebook videos to the Watch Party. Currently, Facebook doesn’t let you add videos from other sources like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

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